we design experiences revolving around light, structure and sound



We begin as friends listening to albums we’re digging.  The evenings turn to talk beyond music:  

Film, architecture, graphic design, painting, sculpture, new technology; everything that catches our attention.

When your friends are doers, the tiniest flame of an idea can be fanned into a new experience.


One night Mike asked, “Have you ever been to Aurora?  We should do something.”

That first evening of brainstorming generated an electric excitement around the convergence of our ideas and our ability to execute them.  

As a collective, our diverse individual talents provide the framework to transform ideas into a real experience.


We use light, in various forms, to react with our works.  The experience of the practical form of illumination gives rise to the esoteric forms of intellectual and spiritual enlightenment.  Also described as, “That was badass.”